Collection: 10500nm Infrared (IR) Bandpass Filter

Light with a wavelength of 10500 nm, or 10.5 micrometers, falls in the far-infrared or long-wave infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Here are some applications for light in this wavelength range:

  1. Laser Surgery: One of the most common uses of 10500 nm light is in CO2 laser surgery. CO2 lasers that operate around this wavelength are extensively used in medical procedures because they can cut, vaporize, or ablate tissue with minimal heat damage to surrounding areas. This makes them ideal for delicate surgeries, including in dermatology, gynecology, and otolaryngology.

  2. Material Processing: CO2 lasers at this wavelength are also used for industrial applications such as cutting, engraving, and marking a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, paper, and some metals. The high absorption of this wavelength by organic materials makes it particularly effective.

  3. Thermal Imaging: Like other far-infrared wavelengths, 10500 nm can be used for thermal imaging, particularly in specialized scientific and industrial applications where specific materials' thermal characteristics at this wavelength are important.

  4. Spectroscopy: Far-infrared spectroscopy with light around 10500 nm can be used to study molecular vibrations and rotations, particularly those involving heavier molecules that absorb in this range. This can be important in chemical analysis and environmental monitoring.

  5. Environmental Sensing: This wavelength can also be useful in environmental sensing technologies to detect and measure atmospheric pollutants and other gases that have specific absorption peaks near this wavelength.

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