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Applications for light around 505nm are less common compared to shorter wavelengths, but here are a few potential uses:

  • LED Lighting (Specialized): While not ideal for general illumination due to lower human eye sensitivity, 505nm light can be used in certain LED lighting applications where a very specific teal/cyan color is desired. This might find use in accent lighting, theatrical productions, or specialty displays.

  • Biomedical Research (Emerging): Similar to 500nm, there's ongoing research exploring the potential of 480nm-505nm light for photodynamic therapy (PDT) as mentioned previously. This is an area of active investigation.

  • Scientific Instrumentation (Limited): Some scientific instruments might utilize light in this range for specific purposes, such as stimulating certain fluorescent molecules or filtering out unwanted wavelengths. However, widely used applications are less frequent compared to other parts of the visible spectrum.

505nm Bandpass Filter

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