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The 630 nm wavelength falls in the visible spectrum, specifically in the red region. Here are some key applications associated with this wavelength:

1. Medical Treatments

  • Principle: Red light, such as that at 630 nm, is known for its ability to penetrate deep into tissues without causing damage. It promotes cellular growth and healing.
  • Application: This wavelength is widely used in photodynamic therapy (PDT) for treating certain types of cancers and skin conditions. It's also used in low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and wound healing.

2. Optical Communication

  • Principle: Red light at 630 nm is used in optical communications because of its ability to travel long distances through fiber optics with less loss compared to other wavelengths.
  • Application: This wavelength is particularly useful in underwater communication and other specialized communication systems where longer wavelength light offers advantages in transmission efficiency.

3. Illumination and Displays

  • Principle: Red LEDs and lasers at 630 nm provide bright and energy-efficient lighting.
  • Application: This wavelength is commonly used in traffic lights, brake lights, and in large display screens due to its high visibility and low energy consumption.

4. Astronomy and Night Vision

  • Principle: Red light is less likely to disrupt night vision and is absorbed less by the atmosphere, making it suitable for various optical devices used at night.
  • Application: Astronomy enthusiasts often use 630 nm lights to read star maps or operate telescopes since it minimizes light pollution and does not significantly affect night-adapted vision.
630nm Bandpass Filter

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