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A FAM filter is a type of optical filter that is designed to selectively transmit the fluorescence emission of FAM dye, which is a green fluorescent dye that is widely used for qPCR and other applications. A FAM filter typically consists of an excitation filter, an emission filter, and a dichroic filter that are matched to the excitation and emission wavelengths of FAM dye. The excitation filter allows the light source to excite the FAM dye, the dichroic filter reflects the excitation light and transmits the emission light, and the emission filter blocks any residual excitation light and passes only the fluorescence signal from FAM dye.

FAM Emission Max: 515nm

FAM Excitation MAX: 490nm

Center Wavelength for FAM Filter: 515nm (30nm FWHM)

Laser Line for FAM dyes: 488nm

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