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1. Agriculture and Plant Analysis

  • Principle: Near-infrared light is absorbed differently by various biological materials, including plants.
  • Application: 740 nm light is used in agricultural technology to assess plant health and monitor their growth by analyzing how the light is absorbed and reflected by the plants. This helps in precision farming practices, like determining the right times for watering, pesticide application, and harvesting.

2. Medical Imaging

  • Principle: NIR light can penetrate deeper into tissues compared to visible light, providing useful information from beneath the skin.
  • Application: In medical imaging, 740 nm light is used in procedures such as near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) which helps in diagnosing conditions like breast cancer or brain disorders by observing the blood flow and oxygenation in tissues.

3. Forensic Analysis

  • Principle: Different substances absorb and reflect NIR light uniquely.
  • Application: 740 nm light can be used to detect and analyze substances such as drugs, fibers, or fluids at crime scenes. It is particularly useful in revealing details that are not visible under normal light conditions.

4. Astronomy

  • Principle: NIR light is less affected by dust and gas in the space, allowing clearer observations of celestial objects.
  • Application: Astronomers use 740 nm light to study dense star fields and the galactic core, where dust often obscures visible light observations.
740nm Bandpass Filter

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