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Applications for 808nm Bandpass Filter

Laser diode blocking: Some laser diodes have a broad spectrum of emission that can interfere with the desired wavelength.A bandpass filter with a 808 nm CWL can filter out the unwanted wavelengths and pass the 808 nm laser light, improving the spectral purity and the performance of the laser diode

Biomedical fluorescence: Some biomolecules, such as NADH and FAD, have fluorescence emission peaks around 808 nm when excited by near-UV light.A bandpass filter with a 808 nm CWL can block the excitation light and pass the emission light, enabling the detection and quantification of these molecules in biological samples

Night vision and security: 808 nm LEDs do not emit the faint red glow associated with lower near-IR LED wavelengths, making them ideal for covert surveillance and night vision applications.A bandpass filter with a 808 nm CWL can block the ambient light and pass the reflected 808 nm LED light, allowing full color imaging during the day and infrared imaging at night

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