Choosing Filters Based on Lightsources

When choosing a bandpass filter for different light sources, consider the following features:

1. Center Wavelength (CWL) and Bandwidth (FWHM):

    • Cool LED: Select CWL based on the desired color or specific application (e.g., fluorescence excitation). Use broader FWHM for higher intensity but lower selectivity.
    • Broadband Lightsource: Narrower FWHM filters provide specific wavelength selection within the broad spectrum. Consider the target wavelength range.
    • Laser Diode: Choose a filter with CWL matching the laser wavelength and narrow FWHM (ideally line filter) for high selectivity and blocking other emission lines.
    • LED: Similar to cool LED, consider application and desired color/wavelength range. Balance FWHM for intensity vs. selectivity.
    • LED Based Light Engine: Similar to LED, but consult the engine's specifications for compatible filter types and wavelength ranges.
    • Lumencor: Refer to Lumencor's filter selection guides for specific models like CELESTA/ZIVA. Choose CWL and FWHM based on your application and desired outcome.
    • Mercury Arc Lamp: Narrower FWHM filters isolate specific wavelengths within the broad spectrum. Consider blocking harmful UV wavelengths with longpass filters.
    • NIR Laser: Choose CWL close to the laser wavelength and narrow FWHM for high selectivity. Ensure filter material is suitable for NIR radiation.
    • Precise Laser Line: Use a line filter with CWL matching the laser line and extremely narrow FWHM for maximum selectivity and blocking other lines.
    • Ti:Sapphire Laser: Wide tunability of this laser requires tunable filters or multiple filters for specific wavelength ranges. Consider consulting filter experts.
    • X-Cite: Similar to Lumencor, refer to X-Cite's filter selection guides for compatible filters based on the specific model and your application.

2. Additional Features:

    • Steepness: Sharper transitions provide higher selectivity but might reduce transmitted intensity. Balance based on your needs.
    • Peak Transmission: Higher peak transmission allows more light through at the CWL, but consider trade-offs with bandwidth and steepness.
    • Damage Threshold: Crucial for high-power lasers or intense light sources. Choose filters that can withstand the light intensity without damage.
  • Material and Durability: Consider environmental factors and ensure the filter material is suitable for the light source and application.
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