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Applications for 350nm Bandpass Filter

Fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy: 350 nm is a common excitation wavelength for many fluorescent dyes and probes, such as DAPI, Hoechst, and Alexa Fluor 350.A bandpass filter with a 350 nm CWL can block the emission light and pass the excitation light, increasing the signal-to-noise ratio and the sensitivity of the fluorescence detection.

DNA sequencing and sterilization: 350 nm is a wavelength that can cause DNA damage and mutation, which can be used for DNA sequencing and sterilization applications.A bandpass filter with a 350 nm CWL can block the unwanted wavelengths and pass the 350 nm light, enabling the identification and modification of DNA sequences.

Holography and interferometry: 350 nm is a suitable wavelength for holography and interferometry applications, as it has a high coherence and a low diffraction.A bandpass filter with a 350 nm CWL can isolate the laser signal from the background noise and improve the resolution and contrast of the hologram or interference pattern.

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