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Waveplates are a fundamental tool in manipulating the polarization of light. They offer a wide range of functionalities in various applications, from scientific research and optical labs to industrial processes and medical diagnostics.

In this collection, you'll find a comprehensive selection of waveplates designed to meet your specific needs. We offer various types, including:

  • Zero-order waveplates: Known for their minimal wavelength dependence and exceptional performance.
  • Quarter-wave plates: Introduce a 90-degree phase shift between two orthogonal polarization components.
  • Half-wave plates: Introduce a 180-degree phase shift between two orthogonal polarization components.
  • Achromatic waveplates: Designed to maintain consistent retardation across a broader wavelength range.

We use high-quality materials like crystal quartz and birefringent polymers to ensure durability, precision, and optimal light transmission. Our waveplates are available in various diameters and thicknesses to suit your specific setup.

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