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CY5 Filter Set

CY5 Filter Set

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CY5 is a CY dye. CY, short for Cyanine, is a compound consisting of two nitrogen atoms connected by an odd number of methyl units. Cyanine compounds have the characteristics of long wavelength, adjustable absorption and emission, high extinction coefficient, good water solubility and relatively simple synthesis. CY dyes are of en used for the labeling of proteins, antibodies and small molecular compounds. 

Fluorophore Profile:

Absorbance Max  = 651nm

Emission Max = 670nm

Filter Set Profile:

Excitation Filter = CWL635nm + FWHM30nm @ OD6 (Peak Transmission 88%)

Emission Filter = CWL682nm + FWHM30nm @ OD6 (Peak Transmission 90%)

Dichroic Mirror: Transmission@665-735nm / Reflection@590-650nm

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not original

I recently purchased the 20002 - Filter Cube for BX3 and IX3 (U-FF type) from your website. While the product works fine, I was disappointed to learn it wasn't a genuine Olympus filter. It would have been helpful if the website clearly stated this was a compatible filter, rather than just mentioning it's a replicate unit after I received it.