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Longpass Dichroic Filter

Longpass Dichroic Filter

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Common Specification:

Material:Borofloat B270
Parallel Error:<30"
Diameter Error:+0.0/-0.1mm
Wavelength Error:±10nm Transmission
Effective Aperture:>90%
Wavefront Error:λ/4@633nm
Surface Quality:40/20-60/40
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Key Specifications of Dichroic Filter

  • Cut-on wavelength: The wavelength at which the filter starts to transmit light.
  • Cut-off wavelength: The wavelength at which the filter stops to transmit light.
  • Transmission band: The range of wavelengths that the filter transmits with high efficiency.
  • Reflection band: The range of wavelengths that the filter reflects with high efficiency.
  • Transmission and reflection curves: The graphs that show how the transmission and reflection vary with wavelength.
  • Angle of incidence: The angle at which the light hits the filter. This affects the performance of the filter, as different angles may shift the cut-on and cut-off wavelengths.
  • Polarization: The orientation of the electric field of the light wave. Some filters are polarization insensitive, meaning they work for any polarization, while others are polarization sensitive, meaning they work differently for different polarizations.

Advantages of Dichroic Filter

  • It has much better filtering characteristics than conventional filters, meaning it can produce highly saturated colors from a white light source and does not absorb the unwanted light, so it does not heat up as much
  • It has the ability to easily fabricate a filter to pass any passband frequency and block a selected amount of the stopband frequencies, meaning it can be customized for various applications and color separation
  • It does not require color interpolation and thus avoids all of the false color artifacts commonly seen in demosaiced images, meaning it can provide high quality and resolution in color display or capture.

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