Collection: 10000nm Infrared (IR) Bandpass Filter

Light with a wavelength of 10000 nm, which is 10 micrometers, falls in the far-infrared or thermal infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. This wavelength has several important applications:

  1. Thermal Imaging: One of the primary uses of 10 µm light is in thermal imaging cameras. These cameras detect radiation in the infrared range and produce images of that radiation, allowing them to reveal information about heat in an environment or object, which is especially useful for monitoring equipment, diagnosing heat issues, and enhancing nighttime or low-visibility operations.

  2. Spectroscopy: Far-infrared spectroscopy, using wavelengths like 10000 nm, is used to study the vibrational transitions in molecules. This is particularly useful in chemical analysis, materials science, and astronomy to identify the composition and properties of different substances.

  3. Medical Diagnostics: In the medical field, 10 µm light can be used in therapeutic applications, such as in certain types of laser surgery and skin treatments where deeper penetration of heat can be beneficial.

  4. Environmental Monitoring: This wavelength can also help in environmental science to monitor atmospheric gases and phenomena because many atmospheric components absorb and emit radiation at this wavelength.

  5. Scientific Research: In research, far-infrared light helps in studying a wide range of physical, chemical, and biological phenomena, providing insights into energy transitions and interactions in different materials.

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