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1. Night Vision and Surveillance

  • Principle: Infrared light at 940 nm is invisible to the human eye but can be detected by special sensors and cameras.
  • Application: This makes it ideal for night vision equipment and surveillance systems, as it allows these devices to "see" in the dark without being detected.

2. Medical Imaging and Therapies

  • Principle: NIR light can penetrate skin and soft tissues to a certain depth without damaging them.
  • Application: It is used in medical imaging techniques, such as near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), which helps in assessing brain function, muscle dynamics, and other tissue characteristics. Additionally, 940 nm light is used in phototherapy for pain relief and inflammation reduction.

3. Optical Communications

  • Principle: NIR wavelengths, including 940 nm, suffer less scattering in optical fibers, allowing for clearer signal transmission over long distances.
  • Application: This property is exploited in fiber-optic communications to improve the efficiency and bandwidth of data transmission.

4. Remote Control Systems

  • Principle: Many remote controls use 940 nm LEDs to send signals to devices.
  • Application: This wavelength is preferred because it is less likely to interfere with other electronic devices and offers good range and power efficiency.
    940nm Bandpass Filter

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