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The 405 nm wavelength is located in the violet part of the visible light spectrum and has several important applications across various fields:

1. Sterilization and Disinfection

  • Principle: Light at 405 nm has been shown to possess antimicrobial properties, particularly against bacteria, molds, and fungi.
  • Application: This wavelength is used in medical, food processing, and water treatment facilities for sterilization purposes without the use of chemicals. It's effective in reducing the spread of infections in clinical environments and improving the safety of consumables.

2. Optical Data Storage

  • Principle: Violet light, due to its shorter wavelength, allows for higher precision in focusing, which is crucial for high-density data storage.
  • Application: 405 nm lasers are commonly used in Blu-ray technology, where they enable the recording and reading of data stored at higher densities compared to traditional DVDs that use longer wavelength red light.

3. Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Principle: Certain dyes and biological materials fluoresce when exposed to light at specific wavelengths, including 405 nm.
  • Application: This wavelength is used in fluorescence microscopy to stimulate and observe fluorescence in various biological samples, aiding in the study of cellular structures and functions.

4. Photopolymerization

  • Principle: 405 nm light can initiate the curing or hardening process of photosensitive polymers.
  • Application: This is particularly useful in 3D printing and in dental treatments where light-induced curing of resins is required for fabrications and restorations.

5. Counterfeit Detection

  • Principle: 405 nm light can cause certain materials to fluoresce, revealing hidden security features.
  • Application: It is used in security and law enforcement for detecting counterfeit money, documents, and identification cards.
405nm Bandpass Filter

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Applications for 405nm Bandpass Filter

Fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy: 405 nm is a common excitation wavelength for many fluorescent dyes and probes, such as DAPI, Hoechst, and Alexa Fluor 405.A bandpass filter with a 405 nm CWL can block the emission light and pass the excitation light, increasing the signal-to-noise ratio and the sensitivity of the fluorescence detection.

Blu-ray disc players and laser pointers: 405 nm is the wavelength of violet light produced by gallium nitride (GaN) laser diodes, which are widely used for Blu-ray disc players and laser pointers.A bandpass filter with a 405 nm CWL can block the unwanted laser lines or ambient light and pass the violet laser light, improving the quality and performance of the device.

Holography and interferometry: 405 nm is a suitable wavelength for holography and interferometry applications, as it has a high coherence and a low diffraction. A bandpass filter with a 405 nm CWL can isolate the laser signal from the background noise and improve the resolution and contrast of the hologram or interference pattern.

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