Collection: 4500nm Infrared (IR) Bandpass Filter

Light with a wavelength of 4500 nm falls in the mid-infrared (IR) region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Here are some of the applications of this wavelength:

  1. Gas Detection and Analysis: Mid-IR light, such as at 4500 nm, is particularly useful for sensing and analyzing various gases. Molecules of certain gases absorb specific wavelengths of infrared light, which makes this range useful for environmental monitoring, detecting pollutants, and industrial safety systems.

  2. Thermal Imaging: Infrared light in this range can be used for thermal imaging in various applications, including security, surveillance, and night vision. It's also used in industrial settings to monitor the heat of equipment and processes.

  3. Spectroscopy: Mid-infrared spectroscopy utilizes wavelengths like 4500 nm for chemical analysis. This technique helps in identifying substances and understanding their composition by studying how they absorb or emit infrared light.

  4. Healthcare and Medical Diagnostics: Infrared light at 4500 nm can be used in medical diagnostics, for instance, in tissue analysis and health monitoring systems. It helps in identifying tissue properties and changes that are not visible in the normal optical range.

  5. Scientific Research: Researchers use mid-IR wavelengths to study a variety of physical, chemical, and biological processes. This range of light can probe molecular vibrations and rotations, providing insights that are crucial in fields like chemistry and biology.

4500nm Infrared (IR)  Bandpass Filter

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