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The 535 nm wavelength falls in the visible spectrum, specifically in the green region. Here are some key applications associated with this wavelength:

1. Optical Imaging and Lasers

  • Principle: Green light at 535 nm is often used in optical systems due to its moderate energy, which allows for clear visibility while being less damaging to biological tissues compared to ultraviolet light.
  • Application: This wavelength is popular in medical laser procedures for treating skin conditions and in ophthalmology for retina-related treatments. It's also used in holography and fluorescence microscopy.

2. Traffic Lights and Safety Signals

  • Principle: The human eye is highly sensitive to green light, making it an ideal choice for signaling devices.
  • Application: Green lights in traffic signals and emergency exit signs use this wavelength to grab attention quickly and effectively, enhancing visibility and safety.

3. Communication and Data Storage

  • Principle: Green light, due to its specific wavelength, can be used for precise and high-density information encoding.
  • Application: In optical data storage technologies such as DVDs and Blu-ray, green lasers help in writing and reading data with high precision, allowing for more data per disc compared to red lasers.

4. Astronomy and Atmospheric Studies

  • Principle: Green light can penetrate atmospheric particles effectively, which is useful for observing and studying celestial phenomena.
  • Application: Laser guide star systems in astronomy often use 535 nm light to create artificial stars used for telescope calibration and atmospheric disturbance correction.
535nm Bandpass Filter

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