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Light at 845nm falls within the near-infrared (NIR) region and has applications in various fields, some more established than others. Here's a breakdown of the key uses:

  • Telecommunications (Emerging): 845nm is a potential candidate for use in short-range wireless communication systems. It offers a good balance between signal penetration and eye safety compared to shorter wavelengths.However, this technology is still under development.

  • Biomedical Imaging:

    • Imaging Techniques: Similar to other NIR wavelengths, 845nm light can be used in certain NIR imaging techniques like photoacoustic imaging. This technique can help visualize structures or blood flow within tissues, potentially aiding in medical diagnosis.
  • Material Processing (Emerging): NIR light around 845nm might have some potential applications in material processing, such as non-destructive testing or laser welding of specific materials. This is an area of ongoing research.

  • Military and Security (Emerging): Some night vision technologies might utilize NIR wavelengths around 845nm for enhanced vision in low-light conditions. However, advancements in image intensifier technology might make this use less common.

845nm Bandpass Filter

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