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ROX Filter Set

ROX Filter Set

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ROX Reference Dye is designed to normalize the fluorescent reporter signal in real-time quantitative PCR or RT-PCR.

Fluorophore Profile:

Absorbance Max  = 578nm

Emission Max = 604nm

Filter Set Profile:

Excitation Filter = CWL571nm + FWHM20nm @ OD6 (Peak Transmission 82%)

Emission Filter = CWL612nm + FWHM20nm @ OD6 (Peak Transmission 85%)

Dichroic Mirror: Transmission@500-570nm / Reflection@595-750nm

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Customer Reviews

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can you do the assembly?

hi, i am wondering if i purchased both the filter set and filter cubes, can you assemblied for me? i am a little bit worrying if everything can be fit together. thanks

Reply by Chohoo from SyronOptics:

Yes, we can do assembly here. There will be no extra cost as long as you get the filter and microscope filter box from us.