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The application of 250nm light falls outside the visible spectrum (VIS) and leans more towards germicidal and scientific uses:

  • Germicidal Disinfection: Due to its short wavelength and high energy, 250nm ultraviolet (UV) light can be effective in killing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. It's used in germicidal lamps for sterilizing surfaces,water, and air. However, these lamps require caution as prolonged exposure can be harmful to human skin and eyes.

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing : 250nm was a milestone wavelength used in a specific semiconductor manufacturing process for creating integrated circuits. This process has since been superseded by technologies using even shorter wavelengths for higher transistor density.

  • Scientific Research: Scientists may use 250nm UV light in research applications like fluorescence spectroscopy or studying material properties under UV exposure.

250nm Bandpass Filter

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