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Cy5 is a bright, far-red-fluorescent dye that belongs to the cyanine family of synthetic dyes. It has an excitation wavelength of 649nm and an emission wavelength of 667 nm, depending on the solvent and the presence of antifade agents. Cy5 is commonly used for imaging, flow cytometry, and genomics applications, such as labeling proteins and nucleic acids . Cy5 can be conjugated to various biomolecules using reactive groups on either one or both of the nitrogen ends of the dye. Cy5 is also compatible with other fluorescent dyes, such as FAM, VIC, ABY, and JUN, for multiplex qPCR and other assays.

Center Wavelength for CY5 Filter: 660nm (with 20nm FWHM)

Laser Line for CY5 Dye: 628-640nm

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