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570nm CWL,OD4@200~800nm,FWHM=13nm,NarrowBandpass Filter

570nm CWL,OD4@200~800nm,FWHM=13nm,NarrowBandpass Filter

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Common Specification:

Material: Borosilicate Glass or Fused Silica

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Filter Ring is available for mounting. The ring will be slightly bigger than the filter itself.

For example a dia25mm ring can hold filter from dia22mm to dia24.5mm.

Email us for detail mounting options.


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  • Center Wavelength (CWL)

    The wavelength mid-point of transmission range.It is usually measured in nanometers (nm) and it indicates the color of the light that passes through the filter.

    • Typical CWL in UV Range: 250 - 390nm
    • Typical CWL in VIS Range: 410-700nm
    • Typical CWL in NIR Range: 800 - 1550nm
  • Transmission (Tmax or Tmin)

    The maximum (or minimum) transmission value within the transmission band. It depends on the coating quality, substrate material, and angle of incidence.

  • Blocking Region

    The blocking region for a bandpass filter is the range of wavelengths that the filter blocks or attenuates.It is the opposite of the passband, which is the range of wavelengths that the filter transmits.

  • FWHM

    FWHM stands for full width at half maximum, which is a measure of how wide the transmission band of a filter is. For example, a FWHM of 10 nm means that the filter transmits wavelengths within 5 nm on both sides of its center wavelength at half of its peak transmission value

  • Optical density (OD)

    The measure of how much light is blocked by the filter outside the transmission band. It is expressed as a logarithmic ratio of incident and transmitted power. A higher optical density means a deeper blocking.


    • Soft Coating can reach OD2-OD4
    • Hard Coating can reach OD4-OD6
    • Stacking Multiple OD6 Can reach OD8 or Higher
  • Angle of Incidence (AOI)

    Bandpass Filters are very sensitive to Angle of Incidence, usually the AOI is 0 deg. for bandpass filter. Using different AOI may result in very different spectral performance.

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