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746nm CWL, OD4@700-800nm,FWHM 15nm, Narrowband Filter

746nm CWL, OD4@700-800nm,FWHM 15nm, Narrowband Filter

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Common Specifications

Material:Optical Glass
Dimension Tolerance:±0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance:±0.05mm
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  • Center Wavelength (CWL)

    CWL simply signifies the wavelength at the center of the filter's passband.

  • FWHM

    FWHM stands for Full Width at Half Maximum. It describes the bandwidth of the filter, representing the range of wavelengths over which the filter transmits light at least half of its peak intensity. Think of it as the width of the "window" that the filter opens for specific wavelengths.

  • Peak Transmission (Tpk)

    Peak Transmission (Tpk) refers to the maximum percentage of light transmitted through the filter at its center wavelength (CWL). It essentially tells you how much light, at the most favorable wavelength, can pass through the filter compared to the original light source.

  • Optical Density (OD)

    Optical density (OD) describes the filter's ability to attenuate light, specifically within the wavelengths it blocks (known as the stopband). It essentially tells you how much light is blocked by the filter at those wavelengths.

  • Steepness

    Steepness refers to the rate of transition between the passband and the stopband. It essentially tells you how sharply the filter cuts off unwanted wavelengths outside the desired transmission range.

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