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Applications for 532nm Bandpass Filter

Laser projectors and scanners: 532 nm is the wavelength of green light produced by frequency-doubling Nd:YAG lasers, which are widely used for laser projectors and scanners.A bandpass filter with a 532 nm CWL can block the unwanted laser lines or ambient light and pass the green laser light, improving the brightness and contrast of the projection or scanning.

Fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy: 532 nm is a common excitation wavelength for many fluorescent dyes and probes, such as CY3, Alexa Fluor 532, and Rhodamine 6G.A bandpass filter with a 532 nm CWL can block the emission light and pass the excitation light, increasing the signal-to-noise ratio and the sensitivity of the fluorescence detection.

Laser range finding and distance measurement: 532 nm is a suitable wavelength for laser range finding and distance measurement applications, as it has a high visibility and a low atmospheric attenuation.A bandpass filter with a 532 nm CWL can isolate the laser signal from the background noise and improve the accuracy and reliability of the measurement.

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